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About Pioneer Snuff

Pioneer Snuff is a quality snus (snuff) that has gained world wide reputation in short time. Due to our sincere efforts in sourcing locally produced tobacco, with a rich tobacco taste, and where the raw material is free from pesticides and other chemicals our product is as near an ecological product as a tobacco product can be! This has not infringed on our main target of making a well tasting snus, fully comparable to more well known brands - contact us for a trial and you will find out!


We truly appreciate all the attention we are getting from media around the world. Some of the best ones below!

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Review by the american snus-guru Chad Jones

Swedish radio

Sweden's Radio P1

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Comments about Pioneer

  • “Pioneer¬†is moist, slightly sticky, aromatic, Smokey and perfect. I would highly recommend this to los beginners wanting to try an easy to bake snus with a real tobacco flavor and those who seek a good quality, high grade snus product. Definitely a keeper!„

    Pioneer Supporter

  • “Taste, this stuff is great, I have to force myself not to eat it. Has a distinct taste, similar to the smell, kinda airy, yet bold, and different than the General loose I've been using before I got this. I like this. I don't know if I can say it's better than made in Sweden snus, but it's right up there equally, yet stands out because it does have a distinct taste more of natural tobacco but of a different blend, well it's Laos grown tobacco, and yes, it is different, and very good.„

  • “The salt comes and goes but remains in the background. It reminds me of a really good shot of expresso, Rich and Dark. I cannot directly taste the citrus, only in the background fade. Tom502 review is spot on really. I am interested in what Tom thinks about this snus. To me it is what taking a good chaw of tobacco should taste like, Strong pure tobacco. I also give it a five out of five. Its damn good stuff.¬†„

  • “Many new snus come and go, and some just arn't well received, like Olde Viking and Chaini Khaini, but this SHOULD be really liked. I'm getting a nic effect now, having this with my morning coffee. But this is HIGHLY recommended by me, it's great. In fact, I'd give this a 5 out of 5... New loose snus from Laos, Pioneer Snuff, great great item„

  • “This stuff is really pretty good. Think Ettan minus the smoke, and with just a bit less salt. If you're looking for something natural and mostly unflavored, here you go. Pretty much a spot on review! I really am enjoying this one. This is exactly what I want a plain tobacco snus los to taste like. I too would characterize it as like Ettan but better. I love the reduced salt. I have had this Prilla in for two hours now, its still good. Better that Ettan? Well, yes. „


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